Message Regarding Coronavirus

Dear Parents,

You should be well aware of the recent worrying outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan which may gradually spread to other areas of China in the days and weeks to come.  At Harrow we are taking a number of preventative precautionary steps as part of our Infectious Disease Response Plan to minimize any risk to our children and staff, and I wanted to write to you to outline these as a  matter of reassurance.


  • We ask that any families who may be traveling to the Wuhan area during the CNY holiday communicate to the school  prior to their return so that we are aware.  
  • 我们要求任何在春节期间前往武汉地区的家庭在返回之前与学校联系,以便我们更好地了解情况。
  • We ask that any children who are in any way unwell before the return date to school, or show signs of any temperature rise or fever, remain at home until the all-clear has been given by a health professional.  
  • 我们要求在返校前身体有任何不适,或有任何体温升高或发烧迹象的学生留在家中,直到经专业卫生人员检查后确诊可以去上学。
  • During the holiday period the school campus will be undergoing a deep disinfection clean of all areas, including the use of our specialist UV lamps.  
  • 在假期期间,学校校园将进行全面的消毒清洁,包括使用我们的专业紫外线灯。
  • The schedule of regular cleaning (including disinfection) has been increased and will remain so until we can be sure the spread of the virus has been fully contained.         
  • 定期清洁(包括消毒)的频率已经增加,并将持续,直到我们可以确定病毒的传播已被完全控制。
  • Stocks of hand wash and disinfection products have been increased. 
  • 增加了洗手液和消毒产品的库存。
  • Pupils who demonstrate any symptoms of being unwell whilst at school will be immediately isolated in the Medical Centre with their temperature taken.  
  • 在学校期间表现出任何不适症状的学生将立即被隔离在卫生室进行体温测量。
  • The children will be taught how, and reminded to, take precautionary measures whilst at school  (e.g. more regular hand washing).  
  • 在学校,孩子们将被督促且教导提醒如何采取预防措施(如勤洗手)。
  • Some communal play areas/equipment may be taken out of use. 
  • 一些公共活动区/设备可能被停止使用。
  • Some off-campus trips and visits may be postponed or cancelled.  
  • 一些校外旅行和访问可能会推迟或取消。
  • The school will continue to take direct advice daily from the health authorities and will monitor the situation in Shanghai closely.  
  • 学校将继续每天听取卫生局的直接建议,并将密切关注上海的情况。

We take the health of our community very seriously and will do all we can to keep our school safe.  Despite the worry of such an outbreak, I do hope you have a very good, and healthy, holiday!


Kind regards,

Charles Ellison

Head Master