Sharing from Harrow A Level Scholarship Winner

Here at Harrow, one way that we develop our leadership & service ethos is to encourage pupils to take on innovative and interesting projects that highlight their passions and exemplify Harrow values. Yi Sum Y., who joined our school as an A Level scholar last year is an excellent example of this. 

Once she settled with us at Harrow, Yi Sum, who is interested in pursuing a career in veterinary sciences, quickly connected her passion for abandoned animals with a leadership opportunity by launching an ECA (extra-curricular activity) programme for our pupils.

“What inspired me to create this programme was seeing the various people and organisations in our local community giving their time and care towards animals that are still in need of a forever home, such as the SCAA organisation. On a personal note, what inspired me most was my dog Pancake: even though his death left me completely heartbroken, I realised that in the few years he was with us, my family tried our very best to show him the love he deserved – from the first day he was picked up from the animal shelter to his last.”

“Through spreading awareness of the countless other shelter animals in Shanghai, I hope this programme can inspire others to help the amazing animal aid organisations around us, or even explore bringing another family member into their home.”

“In order to make this student-led ECA happen, I reached out to numerous teachers and students who have, no doubt, been a vital part of building this programme. For example, the Head of Art, Ms Ward, and Head of Senior School, Ms St. Clair-Ford have both helped me tremendously on the logistical aspect of running this programme, and have given me a number of opportunities to promote and integrate the programme into daily student life at Harrow.”

Yi Sum also arranged a trip to the SCAA so that fellow Harrovians could personally interact with the lovable pets who were up for adoption.

“In the coming academic year, ‘Tales for Tails’ plans to raise money for SCAA by holding a physical exhibition of the artwork students and parents have created and holding a silent auction. Additionally, ‘Tales for Tails’ will also be creating merchandise such as stickers and badges to be sold to students.”

While the actual physical exhibition and auction has been delayed, we want to share the results of this student-led project thus far. Scan the QR code to watch the full art gallery!